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An Optimistic Look at Libertarianism’s Future

In the US, at least (via Instapundit):

Card-carrying Libertarians are few and far between. Yet, seen as the guiding philosophy of a bloc of dissatisfied, independent-minded voters whose views align with Republicans on economics and Democrats on social issues, libertarianism is palpably gathering steam.
“They are going to be an increasingly powerful force in politics,” Mr. Kinsley predicted-slash-lamented.

Mr. Gillespie chuckles at the dark images that talk of libertarianism inevitably conjures up. “We’re the Sith Lords of American politics,” he says, referring to the “Star Wars” baddies. “We can show up in any group. We’re both terrifying and devilishly attractive.”

It’s not likely libertarianism will become a true third-party alternative; it’s a temperament to which both major parties will need increasingly to appeal.

I’m not sure I am as optimistic as these guys. But certainly, the US has a relatively brighter libertarian future than, say, Denmark does.

ADDED: More here, with focus on Ron Paul.


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